Project Passport 2017

Sarah Ann Lee Jia En and Joyanne Chan Xi En from Nanyang Girls’ High School travelled to Finland in November 2017 to carry out their research. The winning project focused on comparing two school cultures through a series of side-by-side Polaroid photographs, and we hope to share more detail about the project shortly.

Pupils from Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu have written on their blog:

It was really nice having Sarah and Joyanne with us  here in Finland! They were really nice and told us about their culture and what it was like to live in Singapore as well as wanted to know about our lives here. I am truly suprised by how well they survived the weather! Anyway, Sarah and Joyanne  if you are reading this I hope that you are really enjoying yourselves back home end haven’t forgotten us quite yet 😉 – Charlotta

The time we had with Joyanne and Sarah was highly enjoyable. It was nice to talk about the differences between Finnish and Singaporean cultures and hear little things about their lives in Singapore. Sarah and Joyanne were lovely to be around, they were always so bubbly and happy! Lots of love,     Iiris

 It was a lot of fun meeting these girls. They were really fascinated by snow. They wanted to play in the snow. They wanted to go out, in the “freezing” -1 C. I said to Sarah and Joyanne that, this weather is normal in Finland.  It is so normal thing to me, because I’ve lived here for all my life. I made a lot of new and wonderful memories in those couple of days. I keep in touch with Joyanne and Sarah, almost on the daily basis. I miss you and I hope we see someday again. Singing Mamma Mia! with you were so much fun! Hope you are doing well.  Missing you: Venla “


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