PROJECT PASSPORT is an annual competition exclusively for students from SAGE schools. It is organised by SAGE founding school, Nanyang Girls’ High School.

The aims of the competition are to raise students’ awareness of SAGE and its member schools, as well as to provide a fun and exciting platform for the students to develop an interest in cross-cultural cross-national learning and collaboration. Continue reading “PROJECT PASSPORT 2019”

SAGE School Visit to CGGS

We were so fortunate to have recently had two students, Johanna and Karoliina visit us from their school in Finland, Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu, a partner school in the Strategic Alliance of Global Educators (SAGE). The students were successful in the SAGE Project Passport 2018 initiative with their project, Wellbeing at School, an important topic for young people in our global community and one that is receiving a great deal of attention in schools and more broadly education. Continue reading “SAGE School Visit to CGGS”

Perse teachers visit Nanyang Girls’ High School

In January 2018 Ed Elliott, Head of The Perse, was delighted to visit Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore to meet the new Principal of Nanyang Girls’ High School, Mdm Ng Chuen-Yin. Travelling with Mr Elliott were Mr Gavin Richards (Deputy Head – Curriculum and Operations) and Mr Simon Armitage (Assistant Head – Educational Opportunities) and all were also delighted to be able to see Mdm Heng Boey Hong while they were visiting.

Visit of Nanyang Girls’ High School to the Perse School, Cambridge

On Monday 27th November 2017, a group of Nanyang pupils and teachers visited the Perse. Following a tour of the school, the Nanyang girls joined a group of Perse year 12s, and in groups they researched and presented on the following topics:

1. How far do you think 21st Century Singapore and the UK have been defined by the impact of World War Two?

2. How multi-cultural are 21st Century Britain and the Singapore? Is multi culturalism regional? Or superficial?

3. How do the governments of the UK and Singapore deal with the threat of terrorism? Think in terms of avoidance as well as response?

4. Does a ‘glass ceiling’ still exist for women in the UK and Singapore? What are societal expectations of women in both countries?

5. What is the attitude of the governments of Britain and Singapore to global warming and environmental challenges?

6. How LGBT tolerant are the UK and Singapore?

7. How important is religion in British and Singaporean society?

8. How democratic are the UK and Singapore? How do elections work and what other opportunities do people have to express their views?

9. How important is sport in British and Singaporean society?

10. How prevalent is crime in Britain and Singapore? Does the legal system work?

11. How significant is the poverty gap in Britain and in Singapore?

A lot of information was covered in a short space of time!

After lunch, the Nanyang girls headed into Cambridge with members of the Perse’s Global Citizens group, and they did treasure trail around central Cambridge, following clues to find points of cultural interest.

Visit of Nanyang Girls’ High School to Avenues: The World School in New York

On 27 Nov 2017, a group of Nanyang girls and teachers visited Avenues: The World School.  During the tour, the visiting students from Nanyang interacted with Avenues’ students who were learning Mandarin and gained a better understanding of how languages were taught in Avenues: The World School, an area that was of great importance to the visiting students who were recipients of a scholarship on Bicultural Studies. As bilingual learners, the Nanyang students also got to see how two languages were taught in another school and country. In addition, the visiting teachers and students also found out more about Avenues’ interdisciplinary approaches and projects.