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With globalisation and advancement in technology, schools need to nurture students who can work in teams, acquire knowledge and form global connections through enhanced networked activities and global virtual communities. There is therefore a need to work towards greater synergy, to create a 21st Century learning environment for 21st Century learners.

Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH) firmly believes that the future advancement of education to a new level of excellence is through the collaborative efforts of global education leaders. It was with this in mind that she initiated the formation of the Strategic Alliance of Global Educators (SAGE) in 2012.

SAGE unites top forward looking and innovative schools from around the world with the aim of bringing educators together to form professional networks that allow wider and deeper sharing of pedagogical ideas, resources and best practices. Founding members include Nanyang Girls’ High School (Singapore), High School Affiliated to Fudan University (Shanghai, China), High School Affiliated to Peking University (Beijing, China), High School Affiliated to Renmin University Xishan (Beijing, China), Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ High School (Shanghai, China), Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore), Menlo School (California, USA), School of Science and Technology, Singapore (Singapore), Scotch College Melbourne (Australia) and The Perse School (Cambridge, UK).

SAGE is also most privileged to have with us the East Asian Institute as our Conference Sharing Partner.

Four Specialist Sectors of SAGE
1.  Bicultural Education
2.  Digital Education
3.  Experiential Learning
4.  Student Well-Being




南洋女中十分荣幸地与和我们有共同信仰的伙伴共同创建“国际教育合作联盟(SAGE)”。我们将与复旦大学附属中学、北京大学附属中学、人大附中西山学校、华侨中学、门罗中学, 新科技中学, Scotch College Melbourne (澳大利亚) 和 The Perse School一起,把来自世界不同区域的教育者联合起来,以组成专业合作网络为目标,从而实现教学法、教学资源及教学实践的广泛而深入的分享。



1. 双语和双文化
2. 21世纪课室
3. 体验式学习
4. 学生幸福感