PROJECT PASSPORT is an annual competition exclusively for students from SAGE schools. It is organised by SAGE founding school, Nanyang Girls’ High School.

The aims of the competition are to raise students’ awareness of SAGE and its member schools, as well as to provide a fun and exciting platform for the students to develop an interest in cross-cultural cross-national learning and collaboration.

Details of PROJECT PASSPORT 2019

The participants are expected to work as a pair and propose a project of any nature that allows them to collaborate with students from another SAGE member school.

Each school can enter a maximum of FOUR students (i.e. Two Student-Pair teams).

The winners of the project will get to visit the partner school they propose working with and actually carry out their project with the students of the identified school.

The entry of each pair consists of two parts:

  1. A short pitching video (maximum 2 minutes)
  2. A written proposal (approx. 3 – 4 pages)

Both sections may be submitted in English or Chinese.

Important Dates*

2 Mar 2019
Submission deadline

22 Mar 2019
Declaration of results

31 Dec 2019
Completion of project by the winning team

*Based on the time-zone of respective countries

The Winners

One winning entry will be identified based on the decision of the jury, who comprises members from the SAGE member schools. The winning pair of students will get to win a pair of return air-ticket to the city where their identified partner school is situated. During their stay in the city, they will be hosted by their host school, which includes accommodation (in the form of boarding school stay or home-stay), school visits and sightseeing for 8 to 12 days.

List of Past Winners


Year Winning School Visited
2018 Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu Camberwell Girls Grammar School
2017 Nanyang Girls’ High School Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu
2016 The Perse RDFZ Xishan
2015 Menlo School of Science & Technology
2014 Nanyang Girls’ High School The Perse


“护照计划”是由 SAGE 联盟发起人南洋女中组织的一项面向联盟各成员学校学生的竞赛,旨在增进学生对国际教育联盟及其成员学校的了解,并为学生提供一个充满乐趣的平台,以培养其对跨文化、跨国学习和协作的兴趣。






  1. 一段两分钟的报名短片
  2. 一份书面提案(约3 – 4页)








评审团由联盟成员学校的代表组成,他们将选出一份优胜作品。 获胜的学生将赢得飞往他们所选择的合作学校所在城市的往返机票。 在该城市逗留的8至12天期间,合作学校将负责接待,其中包括住宿(寄宿在学校宿舍或伙伴家庭)、学校访问以及观光。

年份 获胜学校 参访学校
2018 Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu Camberwell Girls Grammar School
2017 南洋女子中学校 Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu
2016 The Perse 人大附中西山学校
2015 Menlo 新加坡科技学校
2014 南洋女子中学校 The Perse

Photo Credit: Travel image created by Freepik

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