NYGH Receives Dr Greg Davies and Mrs Sarah Owen from The Perse School


The Mathematics Department of NYGH was delighted to have Dr Greg Davies (Head of Mathematics) and Mrs Sarah Owen (Mathematics teacher) with them for a week for a teacher exchange programme in July 2014.

It was a wonderful platform for the Mathematics teachers to share pedagogical ideas with each other and encouraged teachers from both schools to continue with their conversations on the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Dr Davies and Mrs Owen also visited Hwa Chong Institution for lesson observations and exchange of ideas.

南中迎来佩斯学校Greg Davies博士与 Sarah Owen女士

2014年1月,南洋女中很高兴迎来Greg Davies博士(数学部主任)和Sarah Owen女士(数学老师)前来南中展开为期一周的交流学习计划。

借助这个交流平台,两校数学老师们分享教学理念,也强化了彼此在数学教学方面的进一步对话交流。Greg Davies博士与Sarah Owen女士也到访华侨中学观课并交流看法。


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