NYGH’s Visit to The Perse School


38 girls from NYGH visited The Perse School in June 2014 for a cultural exchange.

The topics the students discussed in groups and shared included:

  • The role education plays in the development of a country
  • The necessity to learn more languages in a globalised world
  • Social welfare in Singapore and the UK
  • The impact of social networks on cross-cultural understanding
  • Efforts to protect the environment in the UK and Singapore

This annual field trip by NYGH to The Perse School provides a great opportunity for the students to know each others’ cultures and concerns better. The two schools are looking forward to yet another school visit in 2015.



  • 教育在国家发展中的作用
  • 全球化背景下学习更多语言的必要性
  • 新加坡与英国的社会福利
  • 社交网络在跨文化交流中的作用
  • 英国与新加坡在环境保护方面的成果



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