Project Passport was introduced to encourage students from the 10 different SAGE member schools to initiate collaborative projects aimed at bringing young people together to make a difference to their environment or community.

The participants were expected to work as a pair and propose a project that allowed them to collaborate with students from another SAGE member school.  The winners of the project get to visit the partner school they propose and actually carry out their proposed project with the students of the identified school.

The judging team was comprised of teachers from the different SAGE member schools. They were given a tough job as the standard of entries from all the SAGE schools was phenomenal. It was obvious that a great deal of research and thought had gone into the project concepts and written reports. The videos produced by the groups were not only entertaining, but showed a great deal of passion on the part of the students and creativity in the way they conveyed their message.

Team 1 of Nanyang Girls’ High School, comprising Selina Xu and Lee Xin Min, was ranked the top performing team by the judges.  This project will see the lucky two young ladies travelling to The Perse School at Cambridge, UK to conduct focus group discussions with the Perse students.  They will put up an interactive showcase on how the Nanyang culture and identity are brought about through its history and obtain current identity statements via a portable expression wall to be buried in a time capsule. They will also be writing a report of their findings to be shared with the entire SAGE community.

Selina Xu and Lee Xin Min will be travelling to the UK in November this year.  We wish them all the best in their project implementation!


Judges of Project Passport
Liu Xiao Jie  The Affiliated High School of Peking University
Chan May Lun  Hwa Chong Institution
Lim Tze Hee  Nanyang Girls’ High School
 Pu Jia Yin  RDFZ Xishan School
Aurelius Yeo  School of Science & Technology, Singapore
Michele Linossier  Scotch College, Melbourne
Xia Lei  Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School
Peter Brown  Menlo School
Sarah Richardson  The Perse School







刘晓洁 北京大学附属中学
陈美伦  华侨中学
林思喜  南洋女子中学校
蒲佳音  人大附中西山学校
杨健荣  新科技中学,新加坡
米歇尔 澳洲墨尔本苏格兰学院
夏磊 上海第三女子中学
彼得·布朗 美国加利福尼亚门罗学院
莎拉·理查森 英国剑桥伯斯学校

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