SST Tech Summit 2017


Held on 13 March, the theme for the SST Tech Summit 2017 is Quality Learning Experiences For Every Learner.


Through workshops, keynote presentations and informative breakout sessions, the one-day event focused on harnessing Google-related apps or platforms for education, to promote self-directed learning and collaborative learning among students. It provided a platform for researchers and practitioners from schools to meet and share their experiences in deploying Google technology for education.


A panel discussion led by industry experts, Jonathan Chua, CEO of Grdient, Benjamin Twoon, COO and co-founder of Fundel Pte Ltd, Philip Tanpoco, Program Manager at Google and Adrian Lim, Director (Education, Sectoral Innovation Group) at IMDA on the topic of “The Next Industrial Revolution: How can Singapore Schools prepare our young generations?” also gave participants an insight into the future of ICT for education. SST is proud to be the first school under the Ministry of Education to be supported by Google to organise the event since 2015.

For highlights on the Tech Summits, click on the following links:



2017年3月13日,新加坡科技中学举办的科技峰会的主题是“为每个学习者提供优质的学习经验”。通过工作坊、主题演讲和小组讨论,为期一天的活动集中在利用谷歌相关应用程序或平台进行教育,以促进学生自主学习和协作学习。受邀主持小组讨论的行业专家包括Grdient的首席执行官Jonathan Chua,Fundel私人有限公司联合创始人兼首席运营官,Philip Tanpoco,谷歌项目经理,IMDA(教育部门创新集团)的主管Adrian Lim,他们以 “下一次工业革命:新加坡学校如何为我们的年轻人做好准备”为主题,让参与者了解信息和通信技术教育的未来。


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