UK Study Trip 2015


From London to the Lakes and Everything in Between

This June saw the NYGH Special Assistance Programme (SAP) Scholars embark on a 14-day study trip to the United Kingdom.  The 44 girls were joined by seven buddies from The Affiliated High School of Peking University (HSPKU).

NYGH BEIDA PERSE small group

The itinerary included London, Stratford-upon-Avon and a visit to St Anne’s College, Oxford.  The group were also warmly received by Perse School in Cambridge, where all three schools enjoyed bonding over the quintessentially English game of croquet.

bbcThe visit to the BBC in London also revealed NYGH’s budding broadcasting talents when a few girls were given the opportunity to share their perspectives and personal experience of education during a live broadcast of World Have Your Say on the BBC World Service.

As part of the trip’s focus on experiential learning, the students also spent a few days camping in the Lake District.  This saw the students pitching their own tents, cooking, kayaking and hill walking.  In spite of the somewhat chilly weather, the students came together to share activities, learning and to overcome challenges.


Overall, the trip proved to be a memorable one, for both students and staff and we look forward to further collaboration next year.







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