Working Together Whatever the Weather


Perse — Nanyang Climate Collaboration

Whenever the subject of the weather is involved, breaking the ice is never difficult. As a topic close to both British and Singaporean hearts, students from Perse and Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH) found themselves on shared ground during their recent Geography collaboration.

May 2013 marked the beginning of an exciting partnership between a group of 24 Year Eight students from Perse and 26 Secondary One students from NYGH. Communicating via email, the two schools worked together to exchange knowledge and views about the climates of their respective countries.

The questions discussed included the impact of the weather on clothing, lifestyle and water supply in both Cambridge and Singapore. Students were able to learn from each other covering some topics outside the usual syllabus.

The collaboration afforded the girls an excellent opportunity for authentic learning, peer review, independent research and project planning. Suffice to say, all the students greatly enjoyed the experience whilst forging new friendships and generating new ideas. Both schools are keen to grow their partnership further in the future through this promising venture.

Exchanging ideas across the globe

风雨同舟 — — 柏斯-南中地理交流计划



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