Bilingual Olympiad Seminar for Teachers


Date: Friday 12 April 2013
Time: 2.45pm to 5.00pm
Venue: Nanyang Girls’ High School 2 Linden Drive Singapore 288683

The seminar aims to :

  • Promote the pleasure of teaching and learning Chinese and English through translation
  • Share tips on Chinese-English/English-Chinese translation.
Time Programme
2.45pm Opening address
2.50pm Keynote Address on The Importance of Appreciating Languages
by Dr Zhou Zhao Cheng, Editor and Crossroads Editor
3.20pm Tea Break
3.45pm Sharing on What Makes a Good Translator
by Mr Tan Dan Feng, Executive Director of Interlexis Pte Ltd
4.30pm Sharing by Mr Su Zhangkai,
Chinese Language and Culture Teacher, NYGH
4.40pm Sharing by Students
4.50pm Q&A
5.00pm End

Admission is free.


日期: 2013年4月12日
地点:南洋女子中学校     2 林登道    新加坡邮区 288683


  • 通过中英文翻译的研讨, 促进教与学的乐趣;
  • 分享汉英/英汉翻译的知识。
时间 节目表
2.45pm 开幕仪式
2.50pm 主题演讲嘉宾周兆呈博士主讲 “语言的重要性”
3.20pm 休息
3.45pm 陈丹枫先生主讲 “怎样才算是好的翻译”
(Interlexis Pte Ltd执行董事)
4.30pm 南洋女子中学校苏章恺老师分享
4.40pm 学生分享
4.50pm 问与答时间
5.00pm 闭幕
 入场免费, 请到以下网址注册 。

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