A Collaboration between NYGH and The Perse School, Cambridge, UK

The homestays with the families of students from The Perse School, Cambridge turned out as we had expected – one of the highlights on our school trip to the UK in 2012.

We had wanted a trip that would provide our students with as much interaction as possible with residents of the UK for maximum cross-cultural learning.

Pre-homestay sessions involving discussions were held in between activities to help our students anticipate areas where they may need to be aware. Areas included their motivations, expectations and assumptions. Each time the group met in between lessons or activities during the course of the home stay, the students would be excitedly exchanging notes about their hosts. We felt blessed to have been hosted by gracious families of diverse races, religions and cultural backgrounds.

– Foo Soo Ling & Sandra Teng (Teachers)

The homestay was generally an extremely pleasant and fruitful one. The host family was so generous and gracious in providing everything for me to the best of their abilities that it made the homestay a smooth and refreshing one that proved certainly unforgettable. It was enjoyable to be part of their family time together at the dining table, to exchange cooking tips and simply chat about the daily life of the family and the way of life in the United Kingdom. I finally tasted brussel sprouts for the very first time and experienced staying in a beautiful, spacious house that felt uniquely British with a small, quaint garden at the back. It was pleasant to spend time with the host family after dinner time in the living room, and whilst reclining on a comfortable sofa, to discover that they were fervent watchers of one of my favourite sitcoms as well. It was good to know that while I was certainly far from home in that gorgeous, stunning landscape of Cambridge so different from what I was used to, the people were perhaps not quite so different after all.

–Liu Siew Rong, 16



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