Membership Guidelines

Vision, Mission and Goals

Membership Benefits

Membership Guidelines


Membership by Invitation

  1. As the aim of SAGE is for members to work with like-minded institutions and to share their expert knowledge, it is important that the membership is by invitation to institutions that have an established programme in one or more of the specialized areas.
  2. As SAGE aims to bring education institutions together to co-create knowledge in a culturally diverse world, all SAGE members can take part in sharing and activities for any of the three specialist sectors.

Obligations of SAGE Members

Members of SAGE are

  1. To demonstrate commitment to work towards the same goal of the Alliance.
  2. To play host to SAGE members for sharing of good practices and exchange programmes.
  3. To have at least a representative taking part in at least one SAGE activity per year.
  4. To participate in international exchanges within the SAGE network.
  5. To designate an alliance representative (Principal, Vice-principal or Head of Department or equivalent) who is the primary contact.

There is no membership fee to be an SAGE member, but travelling expenses for learning journeys and conference must be borne by the participating schools, except for items that are fully or partially subsidized by SAGE funds for conferences and activities.

Non members who sign up to attend SAGE conferences and workshops or who subscribe to the journal are expected to pay the conference or subscription fee.



  1. 联盟的目标是成员学校志同道合并能分享各自的专业知识,那么邀请在专业领域有所长的学府就显得非常重要。
  2. 联盟的目标是在多元文化的世界里共同创新,所有联盟成员可以参与以上三项内容的分享和活动。



  1. 国际研讨会和工作坊
  2. 线上资源(网站)
  3. 联盟特刊


  1. 朝着联盟共同的目标迈进
  2. 接待联盟成员,分享好的经验,师生交流互访
  3. 每年至少派一名代表参与一项联盟活动
  4. 通过联盟网站,进行交流活动
  5. 委任一个代表作为主要联络人。(可以是校长、副校长或部门主任)


  1. 联盟成员不必交会费,但是学习之旅的费用、国际会议费用由参与学校支付。除了某些项目是全数或部分由联盟基金赞助。
  2. 非联盟成员参加联盟会议、工作坊或订阅刊物,需要付费。




2012 -2013年的费用由南洋女中先负责筹集,或者直到联盟成员共同分担的基金成立。