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Vision, Mission and Goals

Membership Benefits

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SAGE connects education institutions to a powerful network of fellow leading educators and professionals in related fields from the global community.  In the process, members will gain access to cutting edge research and resources and also do their part in contributing their research and resources to improve education worldwide.

SAGE programmes and activities are as follows:

  1. An annual international showcase conference
  2. Learning journeys for alliance students to broaden their cross-cultural appreciation and knowledge
  3. Learning journeys for alliance teachers for professional development
  4. Joint expeditions for students and teachers
  5. A joint biennial publication by member schools to share their research papers

SAGE also aims to reach out to as many interested schools as possible from all regions with the same target of expanding their knowledge or understanding in any of the three specialist sectors through the following platforms:

  1. International conference and workshops
  2. Online resources [website]
  3. SAGE journals




  1. 每年一次联盟国际会议
  2. 联盟学校学生互访,从而加深了解和欣赏不同文化
  3. 联盟学校教师交流计划,促进专业发展
  4. 学生与老师都有机会参加交流及浸濡活动
  5. 联合出版研究专著(两年出版一次)


  1. 国际研讨会和工作坊
  2. 线上资源(网站)
  3. 联盟特刊