The Perse School

The Perse School

Cambridge, England


The Perse is one of the UK’s leading co-educational independent schools, founded in 1615. We educate boys and girls from aged 3 – 18 on three separate sites. Children progress through three distinctive schools but benefit from being part of a larger institution with an integrated curriculum and pastoral care system and access to first class facilities. The Sixth Form became co-educational in 1995 and the school’s move to full co-education was completed by September 2012.

We spark intellectual curiosity and encourage in students a love of learning. The Perse is a school where it is cool to succeed and Perse pupils regularly achieve some of the best public exam results in the country. The School has been listed by The Times for three consecutive years as the number one co-educational school in the UK for GCSE results and is also one of the leading independent co-educational schools for A Level results. In recent years, over a third of all Upper Sixth students have received offers to study at Cambridge, Oxford or medical schools with offers also received for Harvard and other leading international universities.

However, there is more to school life than examination grades and we develop children in the round. There is a strong emphasis on sport, music, drama and art and across the 3-18 range pupils benefit from a high quality and diverse programme of clubs and societies. It is through extra-curricular activity that pupils keep their academic work in perspective, develop life-long hobbies and gain teamwork and interpersonal skills.

We want children to be happy in school and to thrive in our care. We believe in high quality bespoke pastoral support which recognises each child as an individual with unique needs. Our low pupil to teacher ratios mean we get to know our pupils and their families well and so are better placed to support them.

At all stages of the educational journey, pupils learn from both their teachers and their peers. At The Perse we strive to create a talented yet diverse pupil community where children thrive in each other’s company and appreciate different perspectives. Means-tested bursaries are available at The Prep and The Upper and ensure that children from all socio-economic backgrounds benefit from a Perse education.

Our three sites are located within minutes of some world leading educational resources. At all ages, we seek to maximise the value of The Perse’s Cambridge location to benefit pupils. From visits to the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Botanic gardens, to work experience in University labs and lectures from distinguished academics, pupils benefit from our Cambridge location and our close working relationships with the University, Colleges, leading local employers and Addenbrooke’s hospital.

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剑桥, 英国

柏斯学校(The Perse)于1615年成立,是英国的顶尖学府之一。本校是一间为3岁至18岁学生所开办的独立男女混合学校,学生们分别在三所不同的校舍上课。这些学生虽然在不同的环境里成长,但仍因丰富的综合性课程、完善的心理建设计划及一流的学校设备,而获益匪浅。斯蒂芬柏斯学院( The Sixth Form) 于1995年转换为男女混校,而全校将于2012年9月全面转为男女混校。


然而,本校深知课业成绩并非一切。柏斯学校十分注重学生的全面性发展。为提倡体育、音乐、戏剧与艺术,这四大领域,校方积极地让3至 18岁的学生们参与各个学会与社团的一系列高素质及多元化的活动。学生们就是借由这些课外活动,在课业学习的当而,培养自己的兴趣并学习何谓团体精神及提高交际能力。


在柏斯学校的学习旅程中,学生们除了能向老师学习,还能与同学们互相切磋学习。柏斯学校力求能创造一个既才华洋溢,又多元化的学习环境,使学生们在互相切磋的同时,也懂得尊重他人的意见。初中部及高中部(The Prep and The Upper)都为学生提供助学金,确保不同社会经济背景的学生能有机会在柏斯学校就读。

柏斯学校的三个校园拥有优越的地理位置,世界顶尖的教学资源近在咫尺。剑桥柏斯学校(The Perse’s Cambridge)校园附近就有费兹威廉博物馆(Fitzwilliam Museum)及植物园(Botanic Gardens)。学生们的学习之旅都会在此进行。另外,由于天时、地利、人和,学生们也有机会到大学的实验室实习,及到那里上一些由著名讲师主讲的课。由此可见,基于学校的优越地理位置及与各个领域(各大学府、顶尖英国公司及亚当布鲁克斯医院,Addenbrooke’s Hospital)的紧密合作关系,学生们确实获益匪浅。