The Affiliated High School of Peking University

The Affiliated High School of Peking University

Beijing, China


The Affiliated High School of Peking University (PKUS), located in Zhong Guan Cun, the heart of the China’s R&D center for science and technology, has an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students, offering 7th-12th grade education.

Inheriting from Peking University the pursuit for democracy and science since its foundation in 1960, the school has been following the ethos of being committed to developing unique, confident and responsible citizens with creative ideas and strong leadership. Wherever they are, they all are dedicated to serving the community, respecting nature and caring for others. Its administration and faculty highly encourage students to pursue their intellectual interests in various realms. An environment in favor of student autonomy makes it possible for students at PKUS to engage in various activities ranging from scientific research to environmental advocacy instead of the traditional way of pure textbook-studying.

The School has Four Academies, providing diverse choices of curriculums, which meet individual student’s need to pursue their interest and goals. Take science class as an example. Science classes and labs are combined in specialized classrooms. The study will be the process of discovering problems to solve and conducting experimental research. If you are particularly confident in your skills, you may apply for self-study, and with the teacher’s permission complete course work on your own. As long as you meet the course requirements, as well as finish all compulsory assignments and pass the final examination, you will get the credits and points for that course.

Beyond academic, students might chose to pick up an épée to fence, swing a bat in a baseball game, or get involved in integrated art courses such as dance, drama, film and graphic design. Teachers are not only from our school, but also from professional colleges or institutions based in Beijing. They participate in the creation and implementation of our curriculum to guarantee students come into contact with the best education resources.

The traditional system of students being grouped by grade level into classes with a homeroom teacher has been replaced with 140-150 senior 1 and senior 2 students sharing the same House. Each House has different traditions and styles, showing the diversity of our school culture. Each House has its own student leadership in charge of running House activities. For example, the House activity rooms are designed and decorated by students. They set their own rules, plan and organize all activities and competitions.

Students have the right to found and take part in any student organization or club. The public areas of the school are open to every student organization. Anyone can even run promotions or create their own publications. But they need to do it through self-management, self-financing and take responsibility for their views. Each organization exercises autonomy and the Student Associations League is established to oversee them all.

Location: Da Ni Wan Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing, China, 100190

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北大附中从20世纪 60年代开始招收外国学生,是中国最早开放办学的学校之一。目前已与10多个国家的学校建立了友好关系,学校金帆管乐团、舞蹈团先后赴美、德、日、俄、澳以及港、澳、台等地演出。北大附中已经成为具有广泛国际联系的开放性学校。


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