Shanghai No.3 Girls High School

Shanghai No.3 Girls' High School

Shanghai, China


Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School, the only state-owned key school for girls in China, has a history of 125 years, with McTyeire High School and St. Mary’s Hall as its predecessors. Operating on a part-boarding system, the school now has an enrollment of 1000 students with 120 teaching and administrative staff members.

Throughout its brilliant and magnificent history, Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School has produced generations of successful women, hence its reputation as a “a cradle of talented women”.

As one of the first Shanghai Municipal Experimental and Model Schools, Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School has, through ongoing study and international exchange programs, become the base of research into girl’s education and a place of cultural exchange. With the guidelines for the improvement of the quality of education for girls, the enhancement of school facilities and for teacher professional development, the school cultivates students into talented women of independence, ability, care and elegance.

Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School strives to be a modern institution of international renown at the forefront of education in China.

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