Scotch College, Melbourne

Scotch College

Melbourne, Australia


Scotch College achieves outstanding success in those things societies like to measure whilst valuing a full school life that sets the same expectations when pursuing academic goals, pulling on a football jumper, tuning a cello, learning lines for a play or heading off to camp.

The school believes in establishing sound foundations while lighting the fires for future growth. Strong traditions breed values of integrity, tolerance and service, while educational research delivers an innovative curriculum promoting curiosity and self-worth.

At Scotch, each boy’s time with the school is valued. It is a journey based on Christian principles; one full of energy and diversity; one that unearths interests and talents; and one the school believes leaves boys in great shape for the next leg in a challenging, exciting world.

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澳洲墨尔本苏格兰学院 实现了社会用来衡量一所学校是否成功,以及实现社会所重视与期望的全面教育的目标。与学术目标相等,苏格兰学院 也注重足球,大提琴,戏剧学习或营地训练,在这些反方面也有杰出的表现。


在苏格兰学院 ,每个男生在学校的学习时间都是很珍贵的。我们秉承着基督的教义与原则为基础的学习旅程,给学生提供一个充满能量与多元化; 充分发掘学生的兴趣与能力的课程;  学校将学生塑造成能面对挑战,面对激动人心的世界的人才.