Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu

Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu

Helsinki, Finland


Oulunkylän yhteiskoulu, founded in 1924, comprises both the upper level of comprehensive school 7th to 9th grades, ages 13 to 15 and the upper secondary school ages 16 to 18. There are approximately 900 pupils altogether and 60 teachers. We all operate in the same school building.

The school is located about 8 kilometres north of the centre of Helsinki (the capital of Finland) in beautiful surroundings. The school building has gone through a thorough renovation and enlargement in recent years and is now well-equipped for up-to-date teaching and learning.

The school has long traditions in music and acting (theatre) as well as pupils’/students’ good results for further studies.  We all aim to make school a safe place where everybody can learn in a pleasant environment. The educational philosophy is to provide pupils and students with skills and knowledge they need in the future. It is important to respect traditions but also to develop learning, teaching and the school as a whole.

Students are encouraged to participate actively in learning and make proposals for improvements and strengthen joint responsibility.

In addition to learning students/pupils and teachers organise theme days, sport events, excursions to museums and exhibitions, festivals and go to the theatre and participate in local or national projects.  Cooperation with other schools in the area is essential to lighten the general education track – that is, moving from lower level to upper forms. 

For more information, please visit http://oulunkylanyhteiskoulu.fi/.