Nanshan High School

Nanshan High School

Taipei, Taiwan

Nanshan High School was initially named Cheng-Te Vocational School and established in Shanghai in 1941.

Nanshan High School is located in the vicinity of: National Taiwan Library, No. 4 Park, Religious Museum, Fang-Liao Old Street, Jung-He Gymnasium, and other community resources. The MRT system makes it convenient to connect with Taipei city and various cultural sites in the area.

The school pursues a comprehensive personality development education system in five aspects (morals, intelligence, fitness, unity, and aesthetics).

Nanshan High School follows the motto “自强不息” (Always strive for self actualisation) and abides by the following educational philosophy:

  1. Vision: To cultivate comprehensive human development, teaching students to shoulder responsibilities, overcome challenges and pursue self-actualisation
  2. Objectives: Cultivate an optimistic, enterprising, reasonable and thankful person
  3. Strategies: Fresh, rapid, solid and concise
  4. Methods:
    • Put into effect life education and lay a good educational foundation by emphasizing courtesy and industriousness. Taking on the motives of honesty and love, and the attitudes of peace and harmony, cultivate the school ethnics and organise the role-play
    • Cultivate the multi-aptitude of students, enriching their emotional life, developing their personalities and kindling their creative capacity
    • Refined teaching, graceful culture, digital information and international perspectives

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