Avenues: The World School

Avenues: The World School

New York, USA


Avenues: The World School is an international system of private schools for pre-K-12th grades.The first campus opened in September 2012 in New York City in the neighborhood of Chelsea.

The system is planned to be an integrated “learning community” with a shared vision, curriculum, technology, professional development of faculty and oversight by a centralized headquarters team.

Avenues is organized in four “schools” or divisions: the Early Learning Center (nursery school and pre-kindergarten), Lower School (kindergarten through grade four), Middle School (grades five through eight) and Upper School (grades nine through 12).

The school aims to graduate students who are accomplished in the academic skills one would expect; at ease beyond their borders; truly fluent in a second language; good writers and speakers one and all; confident because they excel in a particular passion; artists no matter their field; practical in the ways of the world; emotionally unafraid and physically fit; humble about their gifts and generous of spirit; trustworthy; aware that their behavior makes a difference in our ecosystem; great leaders when they can be, good followers when they should be; on their way to well-chosen higher education; and, most importantly, architects of lives that transcend the ordinary.

For more information, please visit http://www.avenues.org/en/nyc/.