SAGE Conference 2016

 21 – 24 September, 2016
The Perse School
Cambridge, UK


The SAGE conference met at The Perse between 21st and 24th September, and we welcomed 25 delegates from 14 schools from Singapore, China, The United States, Australia, Taiwan, Denmark, Finland and India to discuss ways in which our schools can work together and learn from each other to develop global citizens. The conference produced a range of ideas to take forward, including the adoption of a SAGE charity, and the development of a SAGE Studio similar to the Perse Studio The SAGE schools were also delighted to re-affirm their commitment to working together on staff and pupil initiatives in the coming years.

The Perse pupil committee worked hard to enable our overseas visitors to experience something of the Perse culture, as well as some British and Cambridge culture. Visitors enjoyed cream teas and croquet, and were given an excellent tour of Cambridge by Perse parent Mary Forster-Lewis – and of course went punting.

We enjoyed some fine dining, at Homerton College on Thursday 22nd September, and at Gonville and Caius College on Friday 23rd September.

As a part of the SAGE conference, we welcomed 27 representatives from UK schools for a one day learning conference Transforming Education: Global Perspectives and Partnerships. George Freeman MP, a Perse parent and now Chair of Theresa May’s policy committee, introduced the conference, and keynote speakers were Valerie Hannon and Conrad Wolfram. Delegates were then able to choose electives from streams on health and wellbeing, global perspectives on educational excellence and educating the digital generation. A copy of the programme is attached: SAGE Conference 2016 Programme.

2016 联盟会议



珀斯学生委员会殷勤周到的款待,使海外访客能尽情体验珀斯、英国与剑桥文化。访客除享用奶茶和学习槌球之外,珀斯的学生家长玛丽·福斯特·刘易斯(Cambridge Forster-Lewis)也负责导览,带领大家观赏剑桥的秀丽风光,当然还撑船游康河。

我们于9月22日(星期四)在哈默顿学院(Homerton College)享用美食,9月23日(星期五)在冈维尔与凯斯学院(Gonville and Caius College)享用佳肴。

作为国际教育合作联盟会议的一部分,我们欢迎来自英国学校的27位代表,参加了为期一天的学习会议——“转型教育:全球视野与伙伴关系”。现任英国首相特雷莎·梅的政策委员会主席,也是珀斯的学生家长乔治·弗里曼议员,主持了会议开幕仪式,主讲嘉宾包括瓦莱丽·汉农(Valerie Hannon)和康拉德鎢(Conrad Wolfram)。之后,代表们自由选择参加关于健康和福利的课程,他们探讨了如何从全球视角对数码时代的青年进行卓越教育。

附上会议程序的副本: SAGE Conference 2016 Programme